What are the common online dating mistakes which should be a red flag?

What are the common online dating mistakes which should be a red flag?
Published 1 months ago on Feb 20, 2023

And anyone speaking with someone using too many of the digital emoticons - especially the aubergine - should see it as a red flag and “run”, TV’s Mel Schilling, 51, added.

It comes after a poll for Virgin Media O2 suggests 61 per cent of actively-dating singletons use their phone to find a date every week, but 51 per cent are still in the dark over what works best.  

Mel also said those who use voice notes are thoughtful and adding a personal touch, while those who send multiple quick-frie messages are “cheeky and playful”.  

But daters should be careful with people who send too many memes instead of actually having a conversation. 

Those who are super slow at replying are probably not interested, while those who have a lot of money-off apps are likely to be a sensible choice as someone who is aware of their finances. 

Mel said: “Online dating can be a fun experience where you get to meet an array of different people and personalities.

However, navigating this can be tricky.

“With phones being so integral to our everyday lives, our mobile habits and language can be a clear indicator of someone’s real self and dating personality - whether that’s their response speed, use of emojis and gifs, or message length.

“Understanding what these habits might say about your potential date will put you in good stead, giving you more confidence when digital dating.”


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